Thursday, 1 May 2008

IR Nr 5 Avancier & Retirerfahnen Bns I & II, Grenadier und Musketier


Ed Youngstrom said...

I've been watching your uniforms and flags. Magnificent!

What program are you using to make the flags?

Ed v. H-F

Byrhthelm said...

Programme is "Paint", nothing really startlingly original. Decide on a concept, experiment with proportions, then browse through military badges/emblems/heraldry sites to find the images I want, re-size where necessary and cut, paste and tidy up.
The Hannunter flags in orginals are 17cm x 17cm @ 96ppi, they will re-size to 3cm x 3cm for printing. Use Photoshop or equivalent to copy and horizontally flip the copy to obtain the reverse.