Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Garnisoninfanterieregiment, Soldat


abdul666 said...

Very fitting for that type of unit.

abdul666 said...

You'll judge me insatiable, but what about a regiment of Fusiliers - of the British type, not kike the Prussian ones who, despite their title and mitre, were green troops? I.e. a permanent unit, indeed less prestigious than the Guard, but ± on par with the converged Grenadiers?

Now, given the 'double crown' of the Elector, Hannunter could well field a single regiment of wild Highlanders...

Compliments and thanks,
P.S.: this post is not labelled 'Supplement to 1742 Regulations': it would be too bad that in the future, a 'newbie' discovering this excelent series would miss part of it.

Byrhthelm said...

H'mm, Fusiliers are a possibility - it would just mean converting an existing regiment. Highlanders? No... a thousand thousand times no! Les Ecossaises - jamais!

Fixed the label, though! ;-)

abdul666 said...

Thus, the Elector-cum-King is revulsed by 'men in skirts'? Well, it may be understandable, and for several reasons: while odd-looking, some of them just defeated an army of those still called 'Saozons' (Saxons) in Brittany. I guess the Elector's sympathies were to the losing side.
Now, I was not suggesting a (daisyesque) unit of Drag-Queens!

If the Elector is repelled by the kilts but not the tartans, I already suggested that, by a mere head-swappping, one could have Austrian Grenzers in (blue) bonnet: just paint the thight-fitting trousers tartan and, here you have descendants from mercenary Highlanders settled ca. 1 century ago somewhere in the Balkans (too many thorny bushes & scrubs to keep to the belted plaid!). Officers and bagpipers would probably wear more traditional dress, but (28mm) such in trews are certainly available. Would provise an original type of 'Pandours / Croats'.

Btw, no mounted such irregulars, no Hussars in the Army of Hannunter? With what was to be known as the WAS theratening, the Elector may add new units to his forces in the years immediatly following the publication of the 1742 regulations...

Byrhthelm said...

No Jockinese - ever - trewsed or kilted. I am not going there.

Let them have their brief moment of glory. The Elector-King's boy will soon sort them out.

We are still called "Saesenau" where I now live. :-)

Light/irregular forces? Maybe, perhaps in a year or two. Don't forget, the one Regt of Lt Dgns in the British army was only raised, (then disbanded and re-raised) in 1745.

Stokes Schwartz said...

Wow, those are some very attractive standards and uniforms you've designed. I'm eager to see them applied to some miniatures. Do you any particular figure ranges in mind?

Best Regards,

Stokes Schwartz

Byrhthelm said...

Hi Stokes,

yes, I've just received a Bn of RSM French, and am trying to figure how best to paint them up. They have no lapels, so it's either paint the waistcoats in the facing colours, or they become a Bn of the Garrison Infantry Regiment... What do you reckon?

abdul666 said...

Maybe nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition - but we are waiting for the Guards...